Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Bonzai Brownie

Google definition of Bonzai: A Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph.

This name for a dessert couldn't be more fitting.  While I didn't yell "BONZAIIII" when I knew we (Ben and I) would be going to Flanigans tonight for The Bonzai Brownie (TM), I was pretty excited.  What exactly is this dessert?  It is a monster size brownie (with no nuts, thank goodness…nuts take away from its delicious chocolaty-ness), topped with two scoops of Edy's Vanilla ice cream, plus a helping of whipped cream on top.  Then, it's doused with chocolate syrup and big Oreo chunks.  And then, surrounded by a fort made of Kit-Kat bars.  I bet you’re freaking out just reading about this. Good thing Ben and I took a picture.  Looks good and tastes even better.  This is a little gem (although this description may seem contradictory since the calorie count is like 10 time the amount any human should consume in one day--or maybe two) worth trying. Countless times we have gone to Flanigans just for The Bonzai Brownie(TM), and tonight was no exception.  (Note: they have delicious food too.  Their cole slaw..mmmm).  They have plenty of locations in South Florida, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy!

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