Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seasons 52, everthing under 475 calories? Yes, please.

If you were to ask any of your girlfriends whether they’d like to go to a restaurant where everything on the menu is under 475 calories, there would be no discussion.  How could you say no?  But ask a group of guys?  Mehhh, that’s a different story.  A dish under 475 calories can sound bland, cardboard-y and sound like it is made up of only green colored foods, but at Seasons 52 that is not the case. 
A couple weeks ago, Ben and I were planning on going to P.F. Changs for dinner one night, when I suggested we go to Seasons 52 instead (since I had a gift card for the restaurant and a cheaper meal at a pricier restaurant is always a thumbs up to me!).  I actually didn’t have a difficult time convincing Ben to go to a restaurant with lower calories dishes, but either way I’m sure he would have rather gone to P.F. Changs.  Well, he may have wanted to go to P.F. Changs before dinner, but after? He was definitely happy with our choice!   We both agreed that it was some of the best and freshest food we’ve had in a while while eating out.  Oh, and another good thing about the food is how we felt after eating.  Instead of leaving Seasons 52 feeling disgustingly full, we felt pleasantly satisfied.  I hope that makes sense…think of the full feeling you get after fried rice and orange chicken (the kind that leaves grease stains on the bottom of a chinese take-out box) and compare that to a fresh made chicken salad…the later feels much better.  But, we didn't have boring salads, we had gourmet dishes!  nom nom nom...

We were so wrapped up in eating our food that I forgot to take pictures, but lucky for me, they happen to have photos of the dishes Ben and I ordered up on their site.  Thanks, Seasons 52.
Here’s what we ate:

Caramelized sea scallops grilled and served with sun-dried tomato pearl pasta and roasted asparagus- to die for!  The scallops were grilled to perfection—not the slightest bit dry and incredibly tender in the inside.  The asparagus was crunchy too!  I’m not a fan of overcooked veggies, it’s always a big disappointment when that happens.  And that pearl pasta was like a glorified cous cous.  This picture by the way is pretty much exactly what the plate looked like.  The only thing we didn’t have were dried pearl pasta pieces scattered on our table or the raw asparagus.  The wine was there, obviously.

Spicy Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread with grilled pineapple, feta cheese and roasted poblano peppers.  A-freaking-mazing.  Spicy enough, light enough and super crispy.

While we didn’t order their dessert, I have tried them in the past with my family.  They call them mini indulgences or dessert in a shot glass pretty much.   Such cute little gems and that satisfy the sweet tooth just enough!

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