Monday, August 22, 2011

Pre Registry Shopping

Yay!!!  Two weekends ago Ben and I went to Macy's to check out their selection for wedding gift registry.  It was so much fun to look at everything we'd like to add to our "Dream List" which will become a reality over the next year and a half :).  While we were signing up for a registry, I scored a free lip gloss.  I'm not a big lip gloss fan (sticky lips yuck) but it was free!

Going to Vegas again this week for the MAGIC trade show!  Going to have to take a little time off from the blog, but stay tuned!


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yeah, we saw her (#20)!  Went to a local soccer game where several of the USA soccer team players were playing on their professional teams (or something like that).  Kinda cool, just sayin.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Atlanta's World of Coca Cola Factory!

When Ben and I were in Atlanta late last month, we had a free day to roam around the city, so we hit up the Coca Cola Factory!  Ben had heard that included in the self-guided tour of the Coke Factory was a room where you could taste almost every single kind of coca cola product out there. Um, hello, I was so there. It was going to be like a buffet of sugary drinks..slurp.  

And buffet it was.  We left drowning in soda, with a major sugar head ache, and extremely bloated stomachs.  All 100% worth it.

The tasting room was the last stop before leaving the factory, so what did we do during the rest of the tour? We swiftly dashed through the history rooms and whatever else rooms there were (honestly we didn't really care, we were way to excited to make it to the second floor).

Going into the tasting room was glorious. If you were there with us, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between Ben and me and the 8 year old kids running around tasting every type of soda known to man.

Before the sugar rush.


Who even knows...we just wanted to make it to the tasting room.
 But we tried to at least somewhat appreciate the "tour."

Yeah, I took a picture of all the machines...but I'll save you from boredom--or jealousy.

And of course they had a REAL coke machine!  So good..even better than fountain soda from McDonalds...which is tough to beat.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Red boots? Who'd of thought? Love them.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Fiesta Friday ~ Skinny Girl Margaritas...Bethenny Frankel taking it to the next level!

Bethenney Frankel.  Two major cool things about her.  Most importantly? She went to PCFTL (Pine Crest)! We may not have graduated at the same time, but it doesn't take away from the fact that I feel connected to her remotely and it's kinda awesome.  Next cool thing about her is the fact that she has her own version of my new favorite drink (ever since my Maracas experience, I've been obsessed with margs)--Margartas! But not any margarita, her Skinnygirl Margarita.

Last week, Ben and I stopped by the Publix liquor store and were graciously welcomed with a life-size poster of Bethenny and her Skinnygirl Margarita drink NOW SOLD IN STORES. Go Pine Crest, just saying!  Of course, I had to get it! And. They. Are. Good.

Yeah, I made Ben take a Blackberry photo for keepsake in the store...

Getting ready to dig in!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When's the last time you built a fort out of blankets?

Um....oh about a week ago! The first weekend my family came back from Spain, Ben and I went over and hung out for a little. After about an hour or so, Ben said, "Want to build a fort?!" How could I say no! We used to build them ALL THE TIME when we were little.

No camera at the time except our Blackberry phones to sorry for the quality!

Here's the fort after Ben and I worked on it.

Then Isaac and Noah got involved and took it to the next level.

Good memories and good times. It was actually a lot of fun and I strongly suggest it, if not for the sake of remember the days when we could ACTUALLY fit in forts haha and when crawling on our stomachs was easy...things change :)

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